Fire Walking


Olivia Beardsmore is an Internationally qualified, empowerment and fire walking instructor. She trained with the founder of the international firewalking movement, Tolly Burkan and Master Fire Walking Instructor, Kevin Axtell at The Firewalking Center in California. Olivia continued her training with Firewalking UK, with Master Fire Walking Instuctors Steve Consalvez and Barry Collins.

Olivia has extensive experience running events and festivals, fundraising events, corporate training, motivational speaking and empowerment workshops. To hire Olivia and her team, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


“Fear is natural, it’s a survival response designed to keep us out of danger, but fear can also prevent us from taking the steps that will allow us to grow and develop. So when Olivia asked me if I’d like to try fire walking, my first response was “hell no!”. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to face and overcome that fear. So I accepted the challenge, and after completing my very first fire walk the sense of empowerment was incredible, so incredible in fact that I had to do it again. Fire walking is definitely something I’d recommend everyone do at least once, and with Olivia’s professional mentoring I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

Andrew Thomas-Price
Presenter on ITV Wales, Coast and Country Programme

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