Sundoor Firewalk Instructor Certification and
Empowerment Coach Training

The Sundoor Firewalking Certification Teacher Training Course is the benchmark of excellence worldwide

Date: Thursday 14th – Sunday 17th October 2021

Price: £1950 (Instalment options)

Location: Whistlewood Common – Eco Roundhouse, Melbourne, Derby, Derbyshire. DE73 8DH

  • Do you want to deliver powerful, life-changing, experiential activities to your clients?
  • Do you want to train in empowerment techniques and activities – perfect for retreats, wellbeing courses, events, corporate work and festivals?
  • Do you want to deepen your relationship with the transformational and healing power of fire?
  • Do you want to be an Experiential Empowerment Coach & Fire Walking Instructor?

My name is Olivia Beardsmore. Join me for the

Sundoor Firewalk Instructor Certification and Coach Empowerment Training

Both our beautiful, delicate planet and humankind itself are in need of healing right now. There’s never been a better time to play your part – to learn to lead the hottest workshops on the planet!

From the first day that humankind created fire for survival, this unstoppable life force became symbolic of and inseparable from life itself. As we’ve evolved as a race, the original survival challenges have, for most of us, become easier - shelter, warmth, food and comfort. Yet, as life has become more complex, so many of us have become burnt-out, fearful, held back by limiting beliefs.

Connect with the magical power of fire

I have a profound connection with the element of fire.

For me, fire is a metaphor for life. I’ll take you through a series of transformative stages – to being alive with fire and radiating this vital energy to others.

You’ll learn to connect and understand the magical power of fire - from its creation to its physical and metaphorical function in our daily lives.

As you pass through this intensive course, you’ll enjoy the same transformational experience as dozens of others, including some of the world’s inspirational speakers and spiritual teachers from across the planet.

Your empowering gift to the world

You’ll enjoy the incomparable sense of satisfaction that comes from leading firewalks - one of the most healing and empowering gifts that you can give to the world. Whether you’re a speaker, a corporate trainer, a life coach or just an individual that wants to get to the next level, this course is one you simply cannot afford to miss.


What you get

  • Instruction on how to lead your own events in a style that’s heart-centred and spiritually inspired.
  • Comprehensive ongoing support.
  • A Sundoor certificate of completion signed by both Sundoor (Peggy Dylan and Steve Brougher) and me, Olivia Beardsmore
  • Your own Firewalk Instructor cap
  • Training in other related experiential activities, such as arrow breaking, board breaking, rebar bending and glass walking
  • Training to lead a firewalk from a small group to a large event.
  • Training on how to run a charity firewalk
  • Guidance on insurance and health & safety
  • Instruction on a variety of fire lighting techniques, from those used by our ancient ancestors through to modern-day techniques
  • Training in appropriate tools, equipment, types of wood, fire building.
  • Learning how to develop a personal and deep relationship with the power of fire
  • Along with your team, you will run a firewalking event supported by Master Firewalking Instructors
  • You’ll receive photographs, videos and testimonial from the firewalk to use when you launch your own events
  • You’ll learn professional presentation skills
  • You’ll personally unlock and release any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from living your true authentic self
  • You’ll learn pricing and marketing skills
  • You’ll receive a teaching manual and digital documents for your own use
  • You learn fire ceremony, drumming and storytelling

The Olivia Beardsmore story

Over the years, I’ve learned to develop a profound connection with the element of fire. The power of fire transformed my life. I now make use of this vital energy source to empower others.

I enjoy an unbridled, single-minded enthusiasm for work, for fun … for life! Beneath this positive, infectious demeanour lies a burning fire of passion to do everything within my power to unleash the power of others. I achieve this by applying revolutionary, transformational and ground-breaking courses and mentoring techniques, enabling people to connect with themselves on a much deeper level.

Taking you to stratospheric levels

Those I work with learn to identify, grasp and develop their true potential. They find they’re able to develop their self-esteem to stratospheric levels and to understand this profound truth –

'through our hearts, we can live our authentic, intuitive, wild, creative, wonderful unique selves.'

I am an internationally qualified experiential empowerment coach and firewalking instructor. With over a decade of experience in the events industry, founding The Bushcraft Show and Burning Woman Festival, I have a deep connection with the transformational power of fire.

Make a living through the life-force of fire

Through my insatiable, burning desire to train as a Master Fire Walking Instructor, I not only pass on these skills to others but provide extra key elements that were missing from my own training - specifically, an unbreakable connection to the power of fire, enabling the owner of that power to deliver heart-centred firewalk instructor training and to learn how to run safe, profitable activities for retreats, festivals, corporate training and charity events.

My own training as a Master Firewalking Instructor was with the pioneer of the modern-day firewalking movement, Peggy Dylan – founder of Sundoor. Peggy Dylan is a world-renowned teacher in the field of personal development. It was way back in 1982 that her work and insight catapulted firewalking to national attention as a leading-edge tool for human development. The Sundoor Firewalking Certification Teacher Training Course is the benchmark of excellence worldwide.


Whistlewood Common – the perfect eco-location

Whistlewood Common – Eco Roundhouse, Melbourne, Derby, Derbyshire. DE73 8DH

Whistlewood is ten acres of community-owned land is set in the beautiful countryside of Melbourne, South Derbyshire. The site is designed according to permaculture principles (a sustainable design framework) so that it will work for people, for wildlife and be a welcoming space.


Book today to guarantee your place or call for no obligation conversation on 07707 171766.


“Fear is natural, it’s a survival response designed to keep us out of danger, but fear can also prevent us from taking the steps that will allow us to grow and develop. So when Olivia asked me if I’d like to try fire walking, my first response was “hell no!”. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to face and overcome that fear. So I accepted the challenge, and after completing my very first fire walk the sense of empowerment was incredible, so incredible in fact that I had to do it again. Fire walking is definitely something I’d recommend everyone do at least once, and with Olivia’s professional mentoring I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

Andrew Thomas-Price
Presenter on ITV Wales, Coast and Country Programme

“Wow! Olivia delivers 100%!
Our Norfolk Hearth community was lit up by her burning woman presence. Somehow Olivia connects with diverse soul's at an individual level. Inspiring and empowering and sharing divine feminine magic... giving confidence and release. A joy and delight to work with.”

John & Sandy - Norfolk Hearth.

“Underneath the full blue moon of Samhain, Olivia asked me to pull an arrow. To feel the shape and weight of it in my hands, to call into clarity an intention and strike from the softest, most vulnerable part of my neck. I thought I knew before I picked it, the message and the medicine, I didn’t...
And this is Olivia’s gift, to empower the truth that you might meet it with a precision that pivots your own perspective. Where under moons, you feel as if you are burning your edges at the centre of the sun. I can not thank enough the gift of Olivia’s initiation, ritual keeping and space-holding. I am ever grateful....”

Aurora Sunu
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